A healthy, engaged, sustainable business impacts the vitality of the community it serves.


  • We believe money is a tool, managing it is a skill, and you are in charge.
  • We believe you can be a masterful steward of affluence and influence with grace, gratitude, generosity and “go-gettiveness” (and yes we just made up that word)
  • What we know to be true is that numbers is the language of business AND everyone can be fluent – with fun and ease.
  • We believe inner wealth becomes material wealth when you align your head (vision), heart (values), and hand (voice).
  • We believe that hope and love are essential components of strategy for thriving businesses because hope produces hustle and love leaves a legacy.


What we know to be true is that we have the insights, strategies and tools to help your business fund every season of your life.  And we’d love to share them with you.


Be Resilient:

Resilience is developed by overcoming big setbacks and navigating the daily distractions, disappointments and doubts  you encounter when you don’t  get the financial results you expected.

  We are committed to helping you build a resilient and brilliant business.


Be Courageous:

Because talking about finances with your business or life partner can be uncomfortable. Heck sometimes talking to your accountant can be a little daunting.

We help you craft those courageous conversations to be open and honest and you are confident you are heard and understood.

Be Clear:

Being unclear keeps you stuck.  There may be a payoff for that. Clarity sparks action to do the right things, in the right order at the right time.

We draw out your purpose and direction and keep you accountable to your commitments.

Be Practical:

Simon Sinek says,” It’s the magical partnership of the person with their head in the clouds and the person with their feet on the ground that create progress”.

We bring the practical to the magical so you can celebrate the results of your efforts.

Be Connected:

You matter to us.

We are partners and champions for your success.


To transform women’s economic development by helping them take charge of their personal economy leveraging the one asset they can control – their business.


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