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Financially Savvy – Not Financially Stressed!


What would it look like if you could have a Chief Financial Officer by your side as you make critical business decisions?

What would it mean for you to really get the finances sorted so you can focus in your zone of genius?

We have designed services to meet you where you are and get you where you are meant to be.

Let’s see how we can achieve financial peace together!

Build Your Company to Last: CFO By Your Side

Audrey L Godwin-6393

As a CEO, you are an optimist.

You see opportunity and possibility everywhere.

You know that there are issues that you need and want to discuss without freaking other people out.

Especially if they are your life partner, your business partner or employees.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use your weekly CEO hours to get yourself:

**  grounded for the week,

**  know what sales and revenue goals you need to make,

**  be able to spend and invest wisely in your company

**  and still take home an income that makes all your efforts worth it?


Look no further.  We got you!


CFO By Your Side are done with you services that offer you the opportunity to strategically align your vision, values and voice so you    can take everyday action with grace and ease. And as a result you:

          => make more money,

            => keep more of what you make,

              => manage the taxes

                => fund your lifestyle to the level you choose.

Clear Your Cash Flow Path

How would you like to know where you need to focus your activities and have a real plan for how to direct your cash flow for the next 90 days?

This one-to-one, personal intensive will set you up with strategies and an executable plan that will have you saying YES to the right things and NO without apology.

You will know without a doubt what investments of time, energy and financial resources you will need and receive to keep on track for your longer term goals.

Prioritize Your Cash Flow

Not ready for a full day to get your finances sorted out?  How about our half day option?

This one-to-one, personal intensive will set you up with the priorities and cash flow plan on a short term basis that is in line with the longer term vision.

You will know where you right now money is coming from and going!

headshot-for-barb-wilbur-and-unstoppable-conferencePositioned 4 Profit

A Private Profit & Cash Flow Intensive for Women Entrepreneurs

The secret staying in your zone of genius is knowing that financially you are taken care of – in the business and at home.

What is one day of your time worth to change your life and your business?

Ask yourself this:

Do I know what I need to grow my business?

Do I know where I must invest my time and effort?

Do I know what’s missing in the operational side of my business?

Do I really know what my priorities are so I can easily keep my commitments to myself and others?

If you cannot answer YES with confidence to these questions – this intensive is for you!

This one-day intensive is a safe and sacred place to get your story straight – get your head (vision) and heart (values) in line with your wallet.

This intensive has limited seating so everyone can get exactly what they need to finish 2016 knowing they gave it everything they have!

Owning a business is like running a marathon.  This intensive is just the hands-on training you need to run your race well!